Have you ever seen something on a lawyer’s site that references litigation services but weren’t clear as to what that meant? Hopefully this short article clears up some of the confusion.

What are Litigation Services?

First thing’s first – when you hear the term “litigation,” it may be easier to think of it as “lawsuit.” Yup – it’s just a fancy word for a term that we tend to hear a lot more often.

That said, litigation lawyers are those who help clients navigate a lawsuit. They can be on either side – the person/persons/organization filing the lawsuit or the defendant. Something else to note is the parties involved in a lawsuit are called litigants.

What Kinds of Litigation Are Out There?

The short answer is – a lot. There are a lot of different types of lawsuits that can happen. At a high level though, there are two: criminal litigation and civil litigation.

Civil litigation is where the plaintiff is trying to get some kind of monetary compensation to make up for a wrong. For example, let’s say that a plumber left some of his tools at a client’s house and the client’s child hurt themselves with the tools. In that case, the homeowner may file a lawsuit against the plumber.

The other type of litigation is civil. This is where the government is prosecuting a defendant. Just like it sounds, this is where it is believed the defendant committed a crime and the prosecution is trying to prove it.

Who Needs Litigation Services?

The shortest answer is: anyone involved in a lawsuit.

Again, this depends and can be a wide variety of things. Maybe you’re a homeowner who has a trampoline in your backyard. If your neighbor’s child comes into your backyard and breaks their arm on your trampoline, they may decide to file a lawsuit.

Or perhaps you’re a business owner and one of your employees got hurt on the job. They may file a lawsuit seeking compensation. Depending on how bad the injury was, this could be very costly for your company.

Sometimes consumers will sue a company for one reason or another. For example maybe they purchased a toy that broke too easily, hurting the consumer’s child.

As you can imagine, there is an endless number of situations that could lead to litigation. What’s important is finding an attorney that is flexible, thorough and able to provide all of the services you need to get through the lawsuit.

What Kinds of Litigation Services are Needed?

The litigation page on our website lists the specific services we offer. Some terms you may be familiar with. Others may not be quite as clear.

For example, you can probably guess that “Trial” means we will attend the trial to fight for your cause. Or maybe you’ve heard about a deposition, where we bring in a witness to help prove your case.

If you have any specific questions about our services, give us a call at 714.456.9118. We’ll talk to you soon!

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