Everything You Need To Know About Unfair Competition Law

In the business world, unfair competition law is meant to help keep the markets “fair.” Even though fairness can be a gray concept sometimes, laws are in place to help the government do what it can to keep a level playing field.  This article will cover the basics of unfair competition law and what you […]

January is Divorce Month, And Here’s What You Can Do To Prepare!

Did you know that January is usually a busy time of the year due to divorces in the family attorney world? Unfortunately, it’s true – many people considering divorce wait until January to get through the holidays first. This is especially true if children are involved – parents want to avoid soiling Christmas with the […]

Breach of Contract: What You Need To Know

A breach of contract is a big deal in the business world. So whether you’re the accused or accuser, our best advice is to reach out to a California business attorney to give you personalized advice.  But if you’re looking for high-level information on what a breach of contract means, we’ve got you covered.  What […]

The New Year’s Legal Resolutions You Need To Start Your Year Off Right

The New Year will be here before you know it. So as you start thinking about your New Year’s legal Resolutions, consider adding some of these to your list of to-dos.  Create a Will (or Update Your Existing One) One legal document that everyone should have is a will. So whether you have millions of […]

The Family Law Issues That Impact Families The Most Over The Holidays

The holidays are the best time of year for some people… but can also be the worst for others. It often presents a myriad of family law issues depending on the person’s situation, but many times the main challenges are regarding family.  Here are the family law issues we see repeatedly causing the most conflict […]

Basic Business Laws For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs

Any entrepreneur should be aware of a few basic business laws. Even though you don’t need to be an expert – that’s where we come in – you should at least have a high-level understanding of these things.  Here are the main aspects of business law you should know.  Business Entities and How to Form […]

What You Need To Know About Closed Adoptions

The least frequent form of adoption is a closed adoption. This is usually because the birth mother wants contact with the child’s new family to hear about how the child is doing, see pictures, etc. But adoptions are done every day, so here is a high level of what you should know.  What is a […]

What is Duress in Contract Law?

If you’re involved with contracts, you should understand what it means to be under duress in contract law. This short article goes over the highlights that you should know.  What is Duress?  The idea of duress falls under the broader concept of undue influence. The concept is covered in depth by the American Bar Association, […]

What You Need to Know About Domestic Violence Laws And Restraining Orders

Domestic violence isn’t a fun topic, but it’s still one that you should know a bit about. We’ll use this article to review domestic violence laws and restraining orders since the former often leads to the latter.  What is Domestic Violence?  Most people have a high-level idea of what constitutes domestic violence. Maybe they’ve seen […]