Domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue that in no way should be taken lightly. Some individuals can spot it early on and aren’t sure how to handle things, while others may never have seen it coming. At Von Esch Law we take domestic violence very seriously, which is why we work closely with the spouses and families involved to end abuse. If you are worried you may be in danger or at risk of domestic violence it is important to reach out for help or support. We’ve put together a list of some ways to spot domestic violence early on. Although if your spouse is guilty of some of these things it may not necessarily lead to abuse, but more often than not we see cases of it happening. If your spouse is guilty of any of these things, be alert and let someone know you are worried.

1. Bad Temper

Although most partners will brush off a bad temper or chalk it up to a flaw, a bad temper can be a red flag early on. If your spouse gets angry in a flash, or goes from 0-100 very quick, things will most likely only get worse. A bad temper is certainly something to keep an eye on and be sure it isn’t a constant occurrence. Many people go wrong in believing they will be able to control their spouse’s temper.

2. Name Calling

Derogatory names are not something to be taken lightly even though they are so commonly used in today’s society. If your partner is using aggressive, hurtful or vulgar names towards you that can often be a sign of something worse to come.

3. Immediate Commitment

If your partner wants to jump into the relationship very fast, and move things along quickly, this can sometimes be considered a red flag as well.  Of course every relationship is different and moving fast in the relationship should not be the only basis for early signs of domestic violence, but it can certainly contribute. A partner wanting to move very fast can mean they are possessive and want you all to themselves.

4. No Responsibility

Do you constantly find yourself apologizing when you and your spouse get into an argument? If your spouse never takes any responsibility for their actions and always finds a way to blame you, take notice. This method of blaming others for your actions is called projection and is not a good thing.

5. Gets Aggressive When Angry

It is one thing for your partner to get angry during an argument, but if they are using objects to release their anger you should be very alert to this progressing into something worse. One of the biggest signs in the early stages of domestic violence are spouses who will hit walls, punches things or reacts in any way that frightens you.

6. Jealousy

One of the final ways to spot domestic violence early on is if your spouse is constantly jealous. For most it starts out with your spouse being jealous of other potential lovers, but it can lead to jealousy of you spending time with anyone but them. We hear many cases of domestic violence where the victim will tell us that their spouse started getting very possessive over them and wouldn’t allow them to hang out with friends, or do things on their own.


If you are worried that you may be in danger or at risk of domestic violence give us a call today! We constantly work privately with families and individuals to ensure they feel safe and secure.