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6 Apps To Help Your Business Legally

Thankfully for startups everywhere, a pen and paper are not our only resources anymore! There are hundreds of gadgets, services and applications to assist your business and improve productivity. Whether you’re a new business, or you have been around for a while, trying to maneuver through the legal aspect of your business can often be complex and confusing. However, there are a few apps that can make this process quicker and simpler. We’ve compiled a list of the six apps you need to download now for your business!

  1. Shake

This free app is incredibly handy and convenient for business owners. Shake offers users hundreds of templates and outlines for business contracts/agreements. This is a great app to use if you are compiling a contract in which you are unsure how to compile the wording or format. The app also allows all parties involved to sign the contracts digitally, so the agreement can be easily stored and kept on file.


2. Gusto

Need help with taxes and payroll? Gusto has got you covered! This helpful app simplifies your accounting and finance proceedings by streamlining all taxes, payroll and benefits relating to the company. This is not a free service because it does do a significant amount of work for the company, but with this app in hand your company does not have to worry about tax filings, reporting new employees to the government and many more uses!


3. Click Time

More of an application for the employees, rather than the company specifically, but both are affected in the end. Click Time is a digital timesheet for employees to track their hours, expenses and overtime. It simplifies things for not only the employees, but also managers involved. Companies should make sure they have a clear and efficient way for employees to track time worked and expenses because failing to do so can result in a lawsuit.


4. FreshBooks

Manage invoices, track client billing and settle unpaid agreements with this handy accounting app. FreshBooks is all about making sure your company is organized when it comes to invoices. This app does everything from filing the invoices according to client and date, to reminding clients about payments approaching or overdue payments. Clients are also able to pay for their outstanding invoices through the app.


5. Citizenship Works

Citizenship Works is an app designed to help immigrants through the naturalization process and figuring out if and when they’re eligible to become a US citizen. Although this application is not a direct concern for a company, making sure all of your hired employees are eligible to work in the US is a concern.


6. QuickBooks

Take the accountant out of the office because with QuickBooks you won’t need him/her! This financially friendly application provides a full report of your company’s financial status by calculating everything from profit/loss statements, paid or unpaid invoices, important financial statements and contracts and more!


Although this apps will help you initially, it is always a smart idea to have an attorney on hand in case something goes wrong or you need specific advice relating to your company. Our attorneys at Von Esch are intelligent and have a lot of experience in business law. We are here to help with whatever your company may need!