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4 Ways to Protect Your Children During a Divorce

A divorce is difficult for any family, especially when there are children involved. Family law can be a difficult subject which is why you want the best attorney who understands your situation and can be sensitive to your family’s needs. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable about the intricacies of family law cases and can help you! If you are currently dealing with a divorce, take a look at ways to protect your children during the process!

1. Leave Loyalty Out of It

Children tend to be pulled in many different directions during a divorce. Although you may not realize it as a parent, it’s easy to play the loyalty card (i.e. which parent is the child more loyal to or which parent does the child love more). Bribing the child or utilizing loyalty as a tool to hurt your spouse can have lasting effects on the child or children. Stray away from penalizing the child for wanting to spend time with both parents or wanting to be with one at a certain time. Especially if the child is young, they do not know any better and cannot possibly understand the situation at hand. Trying to use your children as leverage can backfire and result in negative relationships following the divorce.


2. Take a Look at Yourself

It’s easy to fall behind during a divorce or let go of your appearance and emotions- these are things children notice despite what you may realize. Take the time to relax and rejuvenate when you can so the stress of the divorce is not as apparent. It can also be easy to let your emotions overcome you at times, but if you can feel them coming, take three deep breaths and try to hold it together in front of your children. When it’s your ex’s turn to take the kids, take that time to do something for yourself- something that will make you happy and that will distract you! Utilizing this time for yourself means that you will feel better and have more energy when you’re with your kids!


3. Therapy Can Be a Smart Idea

The kids will insist they don’t need it, and you may even think it’s not necessary, but sometimes therapy can be a very smart option! Therapists can connect or reach out to your kids in a way you may not know how to do. Therapists give your child an outlet to talk someone without feeling any judgement. Here’s a small list of signs you should look out for that indicate that your child is a strong candidate for therapy:

  • As a parent you are disappointed or upset with your child a lot lately
  • Friends and other family have expressed concern about your child
  • You’ve noticed an increase in alone time
  • Excessive sleeping and eating issues
  • Extreme weight gain or weight loss
  • Increase in obsessive mannerisms or character traits


4. Target Resolution

The intricacies of a divorce and the situation at hand are endless, and many spouses come to despise each other, if not at the beginning then through the process. Although it can be tough to do if you strongly dislike your ex, opt for as much resolution as possible. It can speed up the process and benefit your children in the end as well. Your feelings towards your ex are most likely very different from your child’s and you should keep that in mind! Although you may want full custody, take into consideration what is really best for the children and their upcoming years. A divorce effects the whole family, so try to work together as much as you can to make the process go quickly.


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